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An ABC Guide to Children's Games Around the World
Author: Nicole Brewer
Genre: Children's
ISBN: 978-1-667850-38-2
An ABC Guide to Children’s Games Around the World is a book to inspire children to learn about kids from around the world. It is filled with colorful displays of children playing fun and interesting games from countries like A for Australia, where kangaroos roam far and wide and B for tropicalBrazil, the largest country in South America. Kids can explore J for Japan, where cherry blossoms bloom and Z for Zimbabwe, home to the largest waterfall in the world!Allow your child to get lost in wonder while learning about kids from fascinating cultures, which in turn will hopefully inspire them to want to experience the vast globe for themselves in the future!
The Birthday Miracle
Author: Angela Camon
Genre: Children's
ISBN: 978-1-490735-69-6
A Birthday Miracle is a full-colored illustrated book that teaches children about the power of prayer. Even though they are young, it encourages them to exercise their faith in God and believe that miracles do happen. A Birthday Miracle tells the story of a young girl in the foster care system who has a special birthday wish that she wants to come true.
GregoryLeeCover-Harlem Renaissance.jpg
The Harlem Renaissance Activity Book
Author: Gregory Lee
Genre: Children's
ISBN: 979-8-218084-54-7

The Harlem Renaissance Activity Book celebrates the rich heritage of the Harlem Renaissance. Providing educational insight on African American trailblazers who have impacted the direction of history ranging from politics, equality activism, poetry, art, jazz, blues, motion pictures, and the performing arts; the puzzles and images featured include studies of Langston Hughes, Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Marcus Garvey, Dorothy Dandridge, Aaron Douglas, W.E.B. DuBois, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, James Weldon Johnson, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne and others.

Bayou Stew
Author: LaTonya Richardson
Genre: Children's
ISBN: 978-0-692-15262-1

A tale of two unlikely friends, Al-the-Gator and Raycoon. After a ve-e-ery long nap,

Al-the-Gator is hungrier than ever and sets out to find a snack. Al convinces Ray, a very favorable candidate, to help him make bayou stew like his grand mamaw used to make... And that's just how all the fun starts.


The pair chop dice and stir up a large pot of stew. Do they finally figure out what's missing?

My Doctor Looks Like Me
Author: Emily Woolcock, M.D.
Genre: Children's
ISBN: 978-1-7359319-0-6

My Doctor Looks Like Me is the first of a series of children's books that will motivate and inspire kids of different races to aspire to professions otherwise considered out of reach. Celine has doubts about becoming a doctor because she thinks she is not enough. A visit to her new pediatrician alters her young life. For the first time in her life, she meets a doctor that looks like her. Celine sees the doctor as an adult version of herself and imagines herself as a doctor in a white coat. This chance meeting gives her the inspiration she needed to feel good about herself and pursue her dreams.


Consider the Possibilities
Author: Michele Aikens
Genre: Self-Help/Inspirational
ISBN: 978-1-736785-21-8

Have you considered that your life can be lived differently, more courageously and with greater joy? What would happen if you listened to your Inner Compass and set off in the direction you were meant to travel in life? You would find the sense of adventure and purpose that your spirit has been designed for...Consider the possibilities that would open up to you. Consider the Possibilities: Eight Chapters designed to realign how you view your options. Are you ready?

Damn Fear
Author: Traneisha Jones
Genre: Self-Help/Inspirational
ISBN: 978-1-944155-90-2

More often than not fear keeps many of us stagnant, stuck in bondage even when we say we trust God. We base future decisions on past missteps. We go in endless circles questioning, "What if?" What would happen if you were to get to the other side of "what if," the other side of fear? The side where you finally live out your wildest dreams, and surrender the disappointment, disillusion, and discouragement that has held you back. In her debut book release, Damn Fear, Traneisha Jones breaks down the root of fear, how it operates in our life, and how we can overcome it to live our best lives now! Are you ready for the ride?

Humility: Master Key to Unlocking Your God Given Destiny
Author: Shelia Smith
Genre: Self-Help/Spirituality
ISBN: 978-8-218089-34-4

Congratulations! You have just found a precious companion to navigate the frustrating valleys of pride until you walk in your God-given destiny.


This book will teach you how to:

Let faith triumph over the flesh

Embrace the will of God

Walk in your God-given destiny


So, get ready to unlock your destiny, reclaim your Kingdom position, and live the purpose filled life you have been searching for. Humility: Master Keys to Unlocking Your God-given Destiny is the first in a series addressing Christian character and virtues that are required of the children of God who desire to walk and live out their God-given destiny; a timely message to this generation.

Light After A Layoff
Spiritual Keys to Strengthen Resilience in the Midst of A Job Loss, Career Transition or           
                Professional Setback 
Author: Dawn Owens
Genre: Self-Help/Spirituality
ISBN: 978-1-734872-70-5/978-1-734872-72-9 (Spanish)

YOU ARE NOT ALONE going through challenges, pain, or tough times in some area of life. We all do. And we have all overcome on some level or we wouldn't still be here. The purpose of Light After A Layoff is to remind you that you can make it, you will make it, and you are making it. You are strong. You are resilient! Resilience is part of the human experience. If you are going through a job loss, career transition, or professional setback, this book will equip you to tap into the strength that is your innate greatness and divine spiritual inheritance. Light After a Layoff will teach you to: Understand your job as a role, not your true identity Hear God's voice and release fear Lose feelings of guilt, shame, betrayal or anger Identify your next major opportunity through "stillness" Give and RECEIVE with joy Trust God as your Source Uncover your "light"...and MORE!


This Thing Called Love
Author: Angela Camon
Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-490716-11-4

This Thing Called Love is about a young girl who shares her story about her life and the various hardships she experienced because of living with a father who is physically present but emotionally absent. Bewildered by his rude comments and continuous expressions of his disapproval of her, she makes conscious efforts to shine in his eyes. In trying to achieve her father’s love, she learns a great deal about God’s love. As her relationship with God matures, her newfound faith ignites her determination to win her father over, not just for her gain, but for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

Lamarra's Well
Author: Theresa Bean-Turner
Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-999043-17-2

Have you ever read a story in the Bible and wondered what happened to that person? What journey did their faith take them on after that scene in the scripture? Lamarra: The Woman at the Well allows you to step into the life of the woman in the gospel of John (chapter four) and see what happened before and after her meeting with the Christ. Take a walk with me as her life is created around biblical truths and historical facts, and we bring "Lamarra: The Woman at the Well" to life.


Why I Waited: A Guide to Maintaining Your Virginity
Author: Angela Camon
Genre: Christian Living/Inspirational
ISBN: 978-1-426900-38-9

Why I Waited is based on a true story about my commitment to remain abstinent until marriage. It gives accounts of actual incidents that challenged my desire to keep my promise to God and myself. The book offers many reasons why one contemplating engaging in pre-marital sex should wait until marriage. It acknowledges that temptations do exist and are real, but it counters those thoughts with biblical scriptures that help one conquer and overcome those temptations. For those who have engaged in sexual activity already, Why I Waited conveys a message of hope and recommitment. Encouragement and empowerment are the key objectives of this God-approved guide intended for young adults but may be useful to all. It offers bible-based words of wisdom that assists in helping one make the right choices and identifies important strategies that help strengthen and build healthy self-esteem. It addresses the debilitating power of negative peer pressure and how one’s life may be destroyed because of succumbing to it. Why I Waited stresses a goal of sexual purity and a reliance on God to help you achieve that goal

Simply Faith: The Birthing of A Warrior
Author: Shelia Smith
Genre: Christian Living/Inspirational
ISBN: 979-8-218089-38-2

Simply Faith is about encountering God in the everyday and learning to trust him in the unknown. Every word of God is true. There is nothing that He has said that can return void. Yet even in this, this is something that we all as believers struggle with at one time or another, the validity of God’s Word. Regardless of where we find ourselves in that struggle, one thing is true; we must learn to live simply by faith. This book, in a very gentle and revelatory way, reveals how we are to do that.


Any revelation gleaned comes from God’s Word, which is the source of all truth, and is the reason this book is entitled, Simply Faith, for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17).


Elevated Blood Lead Levels Among Chicago Children: Assessing Exposure & Risks for Lead Poisoning
Author: Deidre White
Genre: Academic/Research
ISBN: 979-8-218089-34-4

Lead is a heavy, soft, malleable metal. Due to its physical and chemical properties, industry has found countless uses for lead in our daily lives. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, while certain uses of lead are banned, lead is still found in a myriad of products. Lead enters the body through ingestion or inhalation. The dynamics of long-term lead poisoning of children can affect a child’s life well into adulthood. Moreover, one of the long-term effects could result in criminal behavior. For approximately four years, I worked on research highlighted in this book, studying maps of lead poisoning in conjunction with psychological effects on persons within Chicagoland neighborhoods. The goal with my research was to compare map results with previous records indicating lead-contamination, then verify whether or not there was a correlation to high crime or academically low achieving neighborhoods.


Broken and Left for Dead
Author: Lori J. Wilcox
Genre: Memoir
ISBN: 978-0-578592-83-1

Broken and Left for Dead is an inspirational life story of a wife and mother of three that was forced into divorce.  She experienced so much trauma and disappointments, from infidelity to two diagnoses of cancer.  She was also dealing with the Silent Wounds of War (PTSD), after being deployed for a year to the War-Torn Country of Bosnia with the United States Army. 

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