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Book Fair

F I F T Y- S E C O N D  A N N U A L 

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We only represent a select number of authors to ensure adequate representation.

Only 7 slots left! Reserve your spot today. 

Imagine what it would feel like to say my children's book was picked up by a publisher in China, and translated to Mandarin! Or my women's self-help book was picked up by a distributor in the Philippines, and now not only are women in that area being impacted by my message, but I also have a new base to build on and reach for future projects. These scenarios are the reality of the types of opportunities authors can receive when they display their book at an international book fair. It is true for two of our authors who received offers to have their books translated into Arabic, and distributed in Jordan. What could this type of opportunity do for you as an author? Let's explore the possibilities when you join us at the 52nd Annual London Book Fair. 


Known as one of the largest and most important book fairs in the world for authors and publishing professionals, and "the hub of the publishing industry," the London Book Fair will be held April 18-April 20 in Olympia, London.  This 3-day event is the official kickoff to the publishing season, and gathers 25,000 industry professionals- including publishers, distributers, book sellers and buyers, library representatives, agents, consultants and media from over 135 countries.  The best part about all of this? You do not have to be present. Submit your book, and we'll take care of the rest. Let us represent your book in this global marketplace!

Why You Should Participate?


Global Representation

Access is officially granted! We are leveling the playing field, so you can showcase your book to an international audience and obtain opportunities traditionally accessed by the big boys! Unlike the U.S. publishing market, the international market is more welcoming to new, indy and self-published  authors. In their world, it's more about the book and the content, than it is about the popularity of the author. Of course this helps in some instances, but it is not the main driver in determining whether or not your book will be picked up. The world is global! Let's build on that, and expand your footprint! 


International Visibility

Establish brand awareness on a global stage when you showcase your book to an audience of 25,000+ industry professionals from 135+ countries, all actively looking to discover authors just like you! We limit the number of authors we feature so that you get maximum exposure and representation. 


Our business, is your business! We will actively represent your book and negotiate rights contracts and more on your behalf. 


Amplified Marketing

When you sign on with us, you will also be included in our local, national and international PR and Marketing campaign that includes social media and press release distribution, pre-, post- and during the fair.  

This exposure will not only shine light on your participation in the fair, but will also introduce you to new markets and increase overall awareness and engagement for your book and platform as an author. 


Package 1

  • Display of your book at The London Book Fair. 

  • Representation/Pitching of book to potential buyers at    The London Book Fair.

  • One Page Author Website 

  • Press Release Development + Distribution

  • Amplified inclusion in Social Media Marketing Campaign



  • Display of your book at The London Book Fair. 

  • Representation/Pitching of book to potential buyers at    The London Book Fair.

  • Author Press Release Development & Distribution

  • Amplified inclusion in Social Media Marketing Campaign



Package 2


  • Display of your book at the London Book Fair (April 18-20).

  • Representation of your book to industry professionals from 135+ countries seeking to purchase translation rights. 

  • One-on-one sessions with potential buyers looking to purchase translation rights in International Rights Centre.

  • Raise your profile as a diverse author with an international presence. 

  • Inclusion in amplified marketing and social media campaign. 

  • Listing in book catalog distributed to attendees.


Ship (2) copies of each title to be represented to:

T. Jones Media

9445 Indianapolis Blvd., #1315

Highland, IN 46322


Please note, no contract or agreements will be entered into or approved without your consent. Also note, we cannot guarantee any sales or results. I am simply serving as your PR agent or representative at this event. What I can guarantee is that we will do all of the above, and represent your book to the best of our ability. Your success is our success! Please also note that an additional commission of 10% will be charged for any book rights sales made on your behalf. We don't take any commission for bulk book sales. For additional questions or concerns, email


The London Book Fair is an international book fair attended by librarians, publishers, booksellers, distributors, literary agents, and media professionals from 135+ countries; and is an opportunity to promote your book for discoverability. No direct sales are initiated at this event, instead representatives attend to collect information on books and other media they are interested in purchasing. These professionals then order in bulk through distributors like Ingram Spark to maximize their discounts; and distributors order directly from publishers; or they seek to purchase translation or subsidiary rights. We take photos of all books on display, which will be provided to you at the beginning of the expo. Due to the nature of the fair, we can  report if any rights transactions are initiated, but we cannot provide feedback on how an individual book is received in the display. We will, however, give a general report on the overall display activity and the show in general. 

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