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The  international market offers tremendous opportunities for authors and publishers to sell their books and establish their brands globally. 

According to the New Publishing Standard, the U.S. represents only about 29% of the publishing market. This means that 71% of the market lies outside the U.S., where you could be missing out on sales and a chance to reach a broader audience. If you haven't considered international sales, now is the time—an international book fair is the perfect venue. At these events, publishers, distributors, agents, and representatives from universities, libraries, and government agencies worldwide are eager to purchase translation rights or acquire books to sell or feature on their platforms.

Christian book cover and journal design for author, Tawanda L. Usher.
Image of T.Jones Media at the Sharjah International Book Fair

Your book deserves an international stage

Our very first venture representing authors internationally was a success. We achieved remarkable results, including being the first and largest group of Black Americans featured in the then, 41-year history of the Sharjah International Book Fair. Four of our authors received offers to have their books translated and published in Jordan and Pakistan, regions they had never considered, yet alone knew was possible, before the fair. In addition to this, several of our authors reported an increase in book sales and speaking engagement opportunities. We also garnered press mentions and features in over six media outlets, including Pulse 95, Sharjah's first English radio station.

What Clients Are Saying

Traneisha Jones is a great inspiration in the publishing arena. Exploring new realms of publishing and creating opportunities for us is exciting! As a spokeswoman for new authors in the global world of books, her pioneering spirit expands our hopes and dreams of success. It is an honor to be a part of this chapter in her career.  

- Theresa Bean Turner, Author- Lamarra: The Woman At the Well

Why Showcase Your Book?

Many authors struggle with exposure and awareness for their books. Participating in an international book fair gives you access to an audience that might otherwise have no knowledge of your book. We literally position your book in markets where thousands of industry professionals from across the globe are actively looking for titles to buy and introduce to their audience! Wouldn’t it make sense to position your book at an event where you can get maximum exposure and people are there for the sole purpose of DISCOVERING and BUYING new titles?


Global Representation

We are leveling the playing field so you can showcase your book to an international audience and seize opportunities traditionally reserved for major publishers. Unlike the U.S. market, the international market values the content of the book over the author's popularity, making it more welcoming to new, indie, and self-published authors. Let's expand your global footprint and reach new audiences together!


International Visibility

Establish brand awareness on a global stage when you showcase your book to an audience of 25,000+ industry professionals from 135+ countries, all actively looking to discover authors just like you! We limit the number of authors we feature so that you get maximum exposure and representation. Our business, is your business! We will actively represent your book and negotiate rights contracts and more on your behalf. The best part is you don't need to be present to participate. Simply submit your book, and we'll handle everything else.


Amplified Marketing

When you register to have us represent you at international book fairs, you will also be included in our local, national and international PR and Marketing campaign that includes social media and press release distribution, pre-, post- and during the fair.


This exposure will not only shine light on your participation in the fair, but will also introduce you to new markets and increase overall awareness and engagement for your book and platform as an author. 

To date we've traveled to the world's largest book fairs in Sharjah, London, and Germany.

Be the first to know when new tour  dates & locations open up!

Showcase Your Book
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